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  • Open Date : 2020/10/17 07:11
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What should I do when my recorder displays "HDD hour meter warning"?


"HDD hour meter warning" notifies you of HDD operation time reaching 20000 hours. We recommend replacing the HDD when you get this warning. Click here for the FAQ regarding HDD replacement.

You can cancel the warning as below:
- On the status display panel, click [Reset] button for "Error"
Note: Recorder issues a warning again when it is rebooted
          When operating via PC web browser or using WJ-ND400, click [ERR] button to cancel the warning
You can delay the warning occurrence as below
- Select a larger value for [HDD hour meter warning]
As an HDD operating over 20000 hours can easily fail, we recommend replacing it in good time to prevent troubles with recording, or loss of images stored on the HDD.
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