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What does each of product numbers for i-PRO EXTREME cameras mean?


The following is an example of product number for i-PRO EXTREME cameras.
Product number: WV-S2531LTN
                Standard, Dome, Outdoor vandal-proof camera,
                HD or higher, IR LED, Long focus lens, 
                ClearSight coating
                 S   2   5   3   1  LTN
                 |   |   |   |   |   |
                (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
 (1)The first character
     - It refers to the camera series.
      S: Standard
      X: High-end  
 (2)The 1st digit number
     - It refers to the shape of the camera.
      1: Box 
      2: Dome 
      4: 360degree 
      6: PTZ
 (3)The 2nd digit number
     - It refers to the environmental performance of the camera
      1: Normal indoor camera
      2: Indoor vandal-proof camera (Vandal Resistant-proof camera)
      5: Outdoor vandal-proof camera (Vandal Resistant-proof camera)
 (4)The 3rd digit number
    - It refers to the resolution of the camera.
      1: HD or higher
      3: Full HD or higher
      5: 5 megapixels or higher
      7: 4K (12 megapixels)
 (5)The 4th digit number
   - It refers the sequence number within same range as the strings 
      (from the first character to the 3rd digit number).
 (6)The 5th digit or after numbers
   - It refers to the features of the camera.
      L: IR LED
      T: Long focus lens
      M: M12 connector model
      N: ClearSight coating
      S: Heavy salt damage resistance
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